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The Sixty-second Blog.

I have had a horrible realisation.  It happened like this:

I got home from work, had a snack and sat infront of my laptop.  After doing the usual - checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, the news, the fake news (E! Online) - I thought I should write another entry on my blog.  So I went to Tumblr, typed out the title and then - 


Nothing has happened today.  I had nothing to report.  I starred at the screen hoping it would tell me what to put and - nothing.  I checked the news again.  Then Facebook.  Nothing had happened in the last two minutes - no photos, no breakups.  No one had even made any new friends with people I didn’t know.  I thought about my day at work but I already couldn’t remember because it was so dull.  I thought about my snack - a samosa - average at best.  And that’s when I realised:

My life is dull.

Granted, normally more things happen than today but still… Here I am, a twenty-something in London blogging about regular quality Indian food.

That’s it.  Tomorrow I am going to start doing stuff.  Awesome, exciting stuff that I can be proud/ashamed of doing later in life.  Yeah.

After my morning lessons, obviously.

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